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Russian President Vladimir Putin vows his country has 'never interfered with the internal affairs' of the U.S. 'let alone its elections' in a long, testy back and forth with Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace.? Wallace grilled Putin on the?Justice Department indictment of 12 Russians accused of interference in the presidential election as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe. The news anchor waved the indictment to Putin and tried to hand it to him but Putin just waved his hand toward a table, upon which Wallace placed the paperwork.???

Asia Argento says she 'had no idea' Anthony Bourdain had an 'obsession' with suicide

Asia Argento says she had no idea her late boyfriend Anthony Bourdain had an 'obsession' with suicide as she spoke about an article that listed the 19 times he publicly mentioned killing himself. The Italian actress took to Twitter on Monday to share a link to the article published after Bourdain's death that compiled all the times the celebrity chef had spoken of suicide. 'I never knew about this obsession of his. He never told me. Heart wrenching read,' Argento, 42, tweeted alongside a link to the PDF documents. The three-page piece, titled?'Anthony Bourdain's long-burning suicidal wick - in his own words', was published in July. The globe-trotting food chronicler hanged himself in a French hotel back in June.

President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen is siding with the intelligence community against his ex-boss, who met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

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Donald Trump's?first summit with Vladimir Putin left him looking 'incredibly weak' in comparison to his Russian counterpart, according to one of the US president's own appointees.

Former CIA director John Brennan blasted President Donald Trump's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin as 'nothing short of treasonous.'

Newt Gingrich - one of the President's strongest allies - said Trump should clarify his statements casting doubt on the US intelligence community or suffer 'the worst mistake of his presidency.'

'He is very, very strong': Trump gushes to Fox's Hannity over his burgeoning relationship with Putin after the two leaders shocked the world with their Helsinki love-in?

President Donald Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin as 'very, very strong' after their press conference that resulted in both Republicans and Democrats expressing concern about his deferential attitude toward his Russian counterpart. 'I thought that President Putting was very, very strong,'?Trump told Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity. 'I think it was great today,' he said of his afternoon in Helsinki.??

Tayler Boncal was charged with three counts of second degree sexual assault in New Britain, Connecticut in March. But now she will enter an accelerated rehabilitation program until 2020.

Two security experts tasked with retrieving hazardous materials located in Texas had plutonium and radioactive cesium stolen out of their vehicle while staying at a hotel.

Paul Allen, 65, bought the property back in 1997 for $20 million, and three years after that made the decision to raze the man in home and all other structures on the property.

Malia Obama shares a kiss with Rory Farquharson in Paris

Malia Obama was living her best life in Paris over the weekend, with the former first daughter enjoying what many might consider the perfect day. The former first daughter, 19, was first seen on Sunday afternoon strolling the streets with her boyfriend?Rory Farquharson in photos obtained exclusively by Malia opted to wear her typical uniform of a mini-dress with combat boots for her leisurely day in the city of lights, and then headed back to her hotel to change before she and bae went to see Bey.

Her risqué smash hit song, I Kissed A Girl, mortified her strict Christian parents, who believed they had lost the daughter to the 'devil's playground' of rock music.

The $150billion mark breaks the record once held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who at the height of the dot-com boom was worth $149billion after adjusting for inflation.

Tsar Nicholas II was murdered, alongside his family, 100 years ago today when they were living under guard in the Urals city of Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg, Russia.

'Coupon Carl' the trembling CVS manager is SACKED after calling police on black customer because he didn't recognize the voucher she was trying to use

CVS Health says two Chicago store employees are out of their jobs just days after a black customer complained that white managers called police after accusing her of trying to use a phony coupon. The company said Monday it had completed a review of the Friday night incident. The company says the two staffers involved are no longer employed. Camilla Hudson posted cellphone video of a manager appearing nervous as he calls police.?

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT. Texas woman Jessica Collins, 41, allegedly attacked an acquaintance, 28, and bit a large portion of her nose off in a drunken rage late Wednesday.

The entire computer network of LabCorp, a Fortune 500 company, was shut down across the US Sunday morning, a company insider tells

Reddit users from around the world responded to a thread asking women to share the most unwanted advice they'd been given in their life, with stories of sexual harassment and body shaming common.

Debbie Reynolds’ son Todd Fisher Liz Taylor stole father from his mother in love triangle

Liz Taylor, Eddie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds (main, from left to right) sparked a legendary Hollywood scandal when Fisher left his wife, Reynolds (top right), with whom he had two young children, for her close friend Taylor - who had just been widowed when her husband and his best friend, Mike Todd, was killed in a 1958 plane crash. He and Taylor were married (bottom right) for five years before she left him for Richard Burton. Now his son, Todd Fisher (inset), has written a book detailing his upbringing and his firsthand experiences with the people involved in the scandalous love triangle

New York nutritionist Juliana Shalek revealed the surprising foods you should avoid while pregnant - and the healthy alternatives to swap for so you don't miss out for nine months.

Dark urine is a sign of dehydration and this colour chart developed by UK sports drink company iPro Sport reveals whether or not you need to drink more water to keep healthy in hot weather.

Four-month-old Killy Schultz, from Chesterfield, Virginia, developed a rash and fever within 24 hours back in June. Doctors told his shocked parents he had contracted meningitis.

Son of a Greek billionaire found dead in Cleveland hotel room

The son of a Greek billionaire who was found dead at a Cleveland hotel may have died of a drug overdose after police say they found a baggie of cocaine in his room. Police found 34-year-old Socrates S. Kokkalis dead in his room at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown on Saturday. A baggie of cocaine mixed with fentanyl was found on the TV stand inside the room, according to police reports. Kokkalis is believed to have died some 12 hours before his body was found at 2.45pm. Kokkalis, who is the son of Greek business tycoon?Socrates P. Kokkalis Sr., was in Cleveland on business.

Juan Carlos has been thrust into the spotlight once again after his former mistress alleged the abdicated king of Spain tried to hide money and used her name to buy secret property in Monaco.

Alexander McQueen's best friend Annabelle Neilson dies aged 49

The party-loving ex-wife of millionaire banker Nat Rothschild,?Annabelle Neilson, has died at the age of 49. The onetime model turned Ladies Of London reality star died last Thursday, after her body was found by the ambulance service at her home in Chelsea, London, police told The death is not being treated as suspicious. Annabelle was a great friend of cover girl Kate Moss and also close to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, after becoming his muse aged just 22.

Police in Phoenix are looking for Luis Fernando Morales, 24, who is suspected of kidnapping his girlfriend, Rosa America Garcia-Acosta, 17, from her family's home last Friday.

Janice Dickinson's defamation case against Bill Cosby can go ahead but the disgraced comic's former lawyer has been given a pass, a Superior Court judge has ruled.

'Are you in one of the affordable units?' Director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative is accused of being a racist 'Sidewalk Susie' after slamming a mom and her biracial daughter, 3, for playing outside

A mother's video showing the executive director of a Harvard research center complaining about her playing with her daughter outside and asking if she lived in 'one of the affordable units' has gone viral. Alyson Laliberte filmed as the woman sat next to her on the sidewalk on Saturday afternoon and demanded that she and her three-year-old daughter, who is biracial, leave the area because it was disturbing her children's sleep. She said the woman had interrogated her, asking repeatedly if she lived in an 'affordable unit' at the condominium complex in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Harvard University.

Olivia Remes, a mental health researcher at the University of Cambridge, explains even non-lonely people can feel lonely after spending time with lonely people. But there are ways to change your mindset.

World press mocks Donald Trump over his Vladimir Putin summit

Media outlets worldwide are mocking Donald Trump over his fawning summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin as the US President continues to face scathing criticism in his home country on all political sides. The headlines went as far as calling the US President 'treasonous', 'weak' and labeled him an 'autocrat' following the 45-minute press conference with his Russian counterpart in Helsinki on Monday.? The UK's Daily Mirror newspaper slammed Trump as being 'Putin's Poodle' and Germany's?Handelsblatt outlet called the meeting a 'summit of the autocrats'. A headline on Spanish newspaper El Mundo read: 'Trump surrenders to Putin after humiliating Europe'. The front page of?Finnish newspaper?Kauppalehti simply read: Trump 0 - Putin 1.

John McCain savaged Trump's press conference with Putin in a lengthy statement which labeled it 'one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory'.

First lady Melania Trump was on the ball at her husband's press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, receiving a soccer ball President Trump tossed at her for their son, Barron.

Florida girl with peanut allergy dies from eating a Chip's Ahoy cookie

Alexi Stafford (pictured), of Weston, Florida, saw the packaging and thought it was the brand's 'Chewy' version. But after eating one cookie she saw it had been made with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups inside (inset). Alexi immediately went home and her family administered two EpiPens. But it wasn't enough and just 90 minutes later she tragically passed away. Now her mother Kellie Travers-Stafford (pictured together right) is speaking out in hopes another family will never have to experience the same tragedy.

The 17-month-old boy was left in the car as temperatures reached 93 degrees in Pembroke Pines. Paramedics arrived at the scene at 5pm on Friday and tried to resuscitate?him.

Mae Koslow-Vogel, two, from Somerville, Massachusetts, had spent her whole life at Boston Children's Hospital hooked up to a ventilator with a trach due to a rare genetic lung disease.

The NYPD is searching for a man in his 20s who was caught on video hurling expletives and threatening to kill a 45-year-old man in front of his wife and four-year-old daughter on board the E train. .

Boatload of 23 terrified Hawaii tourists are injured when Kilauea volcano eruption sends basketball-sized 'LAVA BOMBS' flying through the roof of their vessel

An explosion has sent lava bombs and debris flying through the roof a tour boat off Hawaii's Big Island, injuring at least 23 people.? A 20-year-old woman suffered major leg trauma, while other passengers were left with burns and scrapes following the incident on the Hot Shot tour boat early Monday morning. The people were aboard a tour boat that takes visitors to see lava plunging into the ocean from the Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting for two months. Hawaii County officials said a 'basketball-sized lava bomb' punctured the roof of the boat and left a gaping hole. Photo also showed debris littering the floor of the boat.

Lindsey McIver?from Colorado had just bought the machine when her three-year-old daughter crawled inside, shut the door, and panicked as water began to fill the drum.

British diver who saved Thai boys reveals details of dangerous operation?

With a team of over 150 people, the rescuing of the Thai boys was described as one of the most difficult and dangerous of operations which even had professional divers 'scared'. British cave diver Jason Mallinson was worried about the safety of the boys and their coach, as he was tasked with getting the boys through rough conditions in the cave. The rescue operation was split into nine sections and took about three hours to complete. The children were sedated to stop them from panicking in order for the operation to run smoothly.

The 58-year-old posed on Instagram with an enormous zucchini?and asked for recipe ideas. She referenced the famous Dirty Dancing scene in which she carried a watermelon to a party.

Jennifer Long was last seen January 22, 1998 in Kansas City. Her remains were never found. Wesley Purkey, now 66, confessed to her brutal rape and murder in 2001 and is now on death row.

Cher, 72, reveals the secret to her ageless appearance

The iconic singer, who turned 72 years old in May, has revealed her simple secret to looking eternally young, and it has nothing to do with plastic surgery. However, her strict rules don't leave any room for the occasional vice. 'All right. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs - I never have,' she told the Today show. 'I work out. I'm pretty good with my diet, except I like chocolate.'

Trump blasts indictment of his former campaign chairman

President Donald Trump continued to make controversial statements while in Finland on Monday, insisting that his indicted former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is a 'nice man' who is wrongly being treated 'like Al Capone.' Fresh off his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity in Helsinki for a one-on-one interview. While airing a list of grievances over?special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Trump blasted Manafort's treatment at the hands of his own Justice Department.

A minute-by-minute breakdown of how the doomed Russian Tsar and his family were executed

A century on from the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family the Daily Mail looks at their bloody execution with a minute-by-minute account of the night they were killed by their Bolshevik guards. Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei, (pictured together top right) as well as their staff were murdered on July 16 1917 as the pro-monarchy White Army surrounded the city of Ekaterinburg where they were being held captive. A minute-by-minute account tells the story of their brutal killing (left) in the Ipatiev House (bottom right).

Ten unnamed students from the university in St Louis, Missouri, were stopped by Clayton police officers on July 8 and forced to walk back to the eatery where a manager confirmed they had paid.

Simon F Haeder teaches health policy in the Department of Political Sciences at?West Virginia University. He tried to pre-empt all the costs he and his wife would face. But it got out of hand quickly.

Armando Martinez, 43, Texas, was allegedly speeding when he was stopped by Austin police last Tuesday. During a search police found $4.8million worth of illegal drugs hidden in his tires.


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Brigitte Macron celebrates France's World Cup victory with players

The 65-year-old wore a simple yet chic short-sleeve blue dress and nude suede pumps to receive the victorious Les Bleaus players at the?élysée Palace in Paris, the official resident of the president of France. Brigitte was all smiles as she stood alongside her 40-year-old husband and the team on Monday evening as they proudly showed off the gold World Cup trophy during the?ceremony.

The New Yorker's food critic has adapted an ice cream recipe from chef?Fabián von Hauske Valtierra so it can be churned without an ice cream maker, but with just a plastic bag and ice.

This tricky general knowledge quiz promises to put even the brightest minds to the test. Players from around the world will struggle to answer all 10 questions correctly.

The body of John Hearring, 63, was discovered in the?upstairs apartment in the 1000-block of North Leamington Avenue in the South Austin neighborhood.

Stacy Lande, 47, and grandsons Zachary Johnson, 8, and Taylor Johnson 5, died when the car collided with another on?County Road 18, in Welch Township, Minnesota, on Saturday.

Leslie N. Mar, 23, from the Vancouver area was hiking with friend near?Panther Creek Falls in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest on Saturday.

The Air Force admitted to spending a whopping $10,000, a piece, to replace toilet seat covers on the Vietnam-era C-5 Galaxy cargo plane.?

Heart-stopping moment four-month-old lion cub tries to follow its siblings and leap across a roaring river - but tumbles into the torrent

Wildlife photographer Mark Williams, 57, captured the heart-stopping footage of the a lioness and her cub's desperate attempt to cross the river while in Mara, Kenya. Watching on as its older siblings leap effortlessly across the flow to the safety of the rocks beyond, the smallest cub in the pride lurks at the back before attempting an almighty leap. Dipping its toe in the water before springing into the air, the brave cub falls drastically short of its target and plunges into the rapid current, disappearing completely beneath the surface.

Vadym Kholodenko's estranged wife, Sofya Tsygankova, 34, was ordered committed to a Texas state mental hospital on Monday, more than two years after she smothered her children.

Bean the pug was photographed for an adorable 'pugshot' after running away from home on Sunday in Cape May, New Jersey, and being 'arrested' by police officers with a sense of humor.

Austin, Dylan and Garrett Murtha set out on June 28 with the aim of completing the entire?2,650-mile south route from the Canadian border down to Mexico.

The victim?Akio Ishimaru, 46, was fooling around with his since-arrested colleague who took an air compressor and fired it into his bottom. The man died from what is believed to be internal injuries.

Elle Macpherson kisses mystery man at food market

Elle Macpherson, 54, was reportedly awarded?$53m cash and a $26m home during her divorce from billionaire Jeffrey Soffer. And the model seems to have moved on with a new man as she was pictured locking lips with a handsome chap on Friday. She appeared in good spirits as she filled up her basket with produce, while at Glaser's organic farm in Miami.

Dr Janice Juraska, of the University of Illinois, said she was shocked by how clear the impact was, and she would now urge pregnant women to avoid plastics and fragrances of any kind.

It's been one of the longest heatwaves for decades, but inevitably that means a surge in cases of painful sunburn. So, if you're suffering, are you treating it correctly?

Segway parent Ninebot is expected to roll out a kit that attaches a go-kart to its upright hoverboard, the miniPro. It includes a steering wheel, front bumper and seats as well as front and back wheels.

Dramatic moment gas station clerk saves woman who had been kidnapped and raped

Quick-thinking gas station clerk, Savannah Pritchett (top center), is being hailed a hero after she helped a woman (left, inside the gas station), who had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted, escape from her captors in California. Pritchett, who works at the Triple R Gas and Mart, said the young woman immediately asked for her help when she walked in the station. Surveillance video shows the woman getting out of the vehicle and entering the store. The woman then approaches Pritchett and explains to her that she had been kidnapped the night before and raped as she points to the suspects outside. Pritchett said: 'The first thing she did tell me was, "I was kidnapped, and they do have guns. Please, lock the door, they will kill us, or kill me."' She then went and locked the doors to the store before giving the victim her cell phone and telling her to lock herself inside the bathroom and call 911. When police (right) arrived, they arrested 18-year-old Anthony Sandoval (bottom center) and two other 16-year-old suspects.

The 64-dish MeerKAT telescope was inaugurated on Friday after a decade in design and construction, and is already proving its incredible capabilities. The new image captures the Milky Way's center.

Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni's friends were labelled 'round' by Corriere della Sera in pictures from her hen party in Ibiza shared with her followers and has since called the publication 'disgusting'.

North Dakota's immigration population grew faster than any other state in the U.S. from 2010-2016, according to a new report. Nationally, immigration rose 9 percent during that period.

Dessandra Thomas, of Michigan, was killed by a car?as she was crossing a Michigan freeway Sunday morning while texting police to get help after her father allegedly drunkenly crashed their car.

The New York-based company?won't serve pork, poultry or red meat, and it won't allow employees to expense meals with those meats,?co-founder Miguel McKelvey said in an email to employees on Thursday.

The site, Shubayqa , located roughly 90 miles (150 km) northeast of Amman, in Jordan, has been investigated by a University of Copenhagen led team from 2012 to the present day.

Oregon woman who plummeted off cliff thought hikers were a dream

The 23-year-old Oregon musician who survived her Jeep plunging 250 feet off a cliff and spent the next seven days alone and screaming for help says she thought the hiking couple who found her were part of a dream.? Angela Hernandez (right, inset with hiker Chelsea Moore) described in detail how the ordeal happened, and that she now believes there is a bigger purpose for her, while sharing images of her injuries and her mangled white Jeep (left) in a post to Facebook. Angela says she was enjoying a beautiful drive down the coast to see her sister, Isabel, back home in Southern California on July 6 when she severed to avoid a small animal while passing through Big Sur. 'I don't really remember much of the fall. They say I fell somewhere around 250 feet.'

Jenna, 36, took to Instagram on Monday to share a photo of herself posed with her daughters Mila, five, and Poppy, two, while wearing the store's trademark red bullseye bag on her head.

He joined up with his half-sister Auma Obama as well as his step-grandmother Sarah, 96, for a day of speeches, games and even a little dancing at the launch event for the? Sauti Kuu center.

Jonathan Hryb, 41 (left) and Raymond Hryb, 49 (right) were traveling from Georgia to Connecticut on Sunday when they removed from a Delta flight after allegedly causing a disturbance.

Nurses find out they'll all be mothers at the same time!

Six nurses working?at a hospital in Salem, North Carolina found out on earlier this week that they will all be expecting new babies this year. The nurse practitioners at?Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center even have a new nickname among their patients:?'The Fabulous Six Pack.' Katie Carlton, Emily Johnson, Nikki Huth, Sabrina Hudson, Nina Day and Bethany Stringer told NBC affiliate WIIX 12 that while they planned on having kids, it came as a surprise that they're all pregnant at the same time.

A teacher in China has been caught on camera beating a group of students after they had apparently failed to complete their homework. Local authorities are investigating the claims.

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Chromat launches body positive campaign

The campaign features five inspirational 'Chromat Babes' including stunning amputee and beauty blogger, Mama Cax, 28, who survived bone and lung?cancer at 14, queer activist Ericka Hart, 32,?transgender advocate and model Geena Rocero, 34 and plus-size models Emme, 55, and Denise Bidot, 32. Posing poolside, the five fierce women can be seen smiling for the camera and showing off their amazing bodies, with some of the images taken as solo shots and others showing them modeling together and chowing down on a bag of Cheetos. Denise said she hopes the campaign will encourage more brands to follow suit and create change in the fashion industry. She said: 'Women of all sizes exist and we are not a trend or a marketing strategy. The fashion industry needs an enduring commitment to this notion of inclusivity.'

The French government's top official in the Haute-Savoie region said the order, which started on Saturday, applies to the highly popular 'royal route' on Mont Blanc for at least a week.

The ceiling crashed onto the spa section near the main pool at Taipei Nan-Gang Sports Centre on Saturday morning, injuring a woman in her 60s. Dozens of children were swimming metres away.

A set of eye-opening new rules laid out by the Catholic church states that women who devote their lives to Christ as unmarried, consecrated virgins don't have to be virgins in a physical sense.

Emmett wanted a bike, but his father wanted his son to earn the money for it. After selling off $70 worth of toys, Emmett decided to use his money instead to purchase a snow cone machine.

Sharks tuck into an all-you-can eat buffet: Huge maneaters feast on whale carcass off popular beach as surfers are warned to stay out of the water

A drone video has captured a group of sharks feasting off a dead whale's tail and fin (inset), floating on a popular surf beach. The famous north coast beach at Angourie Point, New South Wales, was a no-go zone for surfers on Monday as great white sharks devoured on a dead whale's carcass. The 12-metre whale was floating offshore (pictured) when beach goers witnessed two tiger sharks and a great white feeding on the dead humpback.


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Black Tape Project sends models down the catwalk wearing bikinis made out of TAPE

Photographer?Joel Alvarez, from Miami, has sent models down the runway wearing nothing but bikinis made of tape (left to right and inset). The tape, which is strategically placed over the models' intimate areas, barely covers their modesty. The looks were created by fashion house Black Tape Project and debuted at?a Miami Swim Week show on Monday. He now sells golden tape on his website for up to $49.99 (£37.63) so fans can recreate the look for themselves.

Meredith Parnell was still single when she arranged the dance with dad Lynn, from Cornelius in North Carolina, and he died just two days later. The video played at her wedding three years later.

The five-year-old boy had apparently fallen from his 19th floor flat in Dazhou city, south-west China and had somehow managed to grab onto the balcony grille one floor below as he plummeted down.

Fetching video! Mischievous German Shepherd records himself running off with his owner's GoPro - and refusing to give it back

Daniel Brown, a personal trainer from New South Wales, Australia, was in his backyard with dog Koby when his pet decided it was time for a game. The five-year-old German Shepherd grabbed the camera, which was attached to a rod, and set off running with it in his mouth. Video shows Koby allowing his owner to catch up, and almost reach him, before setting of again. Every time Brown went to grab the GoPro, Koby would slip through his fingers.




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